Hey Kessy Post Card of the Month

Hey Kessy is an online store that sells washi tape and other arts & crafts materials at www.heykessy.com. Since the start of the year, I’ve been making illustrations for them that would be  printed as postcards and placed inside all packages (it’s free!) they send out each month.

January, February…

 It started in January with a “Thank You” piece that was given out to customers and friends to thank them for the support they gave the past year. It seemed like a good idea to make it a regular project, so I’ve been making a new one every month since then.

Originally, the idea was to come up with something in theme with crafting in general, but at times it can be entirely unrelated. In either case, a bit of whimsy goes into each art work, as well as in the accompanying short write up in the Hey Kessy blog that explains what the post card is about.

March, April…

May, June, and July!

I’ll also be writing about each illustration in my blog, though it’s going to be more about the process and ideas that went into them. First up is this July’s post card, and I’ll talk about the previous ones in future posts.

Hey Kessy blog post: http://heykessy.blogspot.com/2013/07/for-rainy-days-ahead.html
Popol blog post: http://www.popol.ph/2013/07/hey-kessy-post-card-july.html


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