Hey Kessy Post Card: July

This illustration for Hey Kessy’s July post card was born out of relief that the searing, summer heat is over, and cool, rainy days have arrived.

At times it can get too cool. When a chilly breeze fills my bedroom/workplace, I struggle between sitting in front of the computer and laying down on the bed. It’s a fight the bed always wins, and the pillow welcomes my defeat. Well, it’s actually more of a surrender.

Three hours later, I wake up. Optional warm drink to get the work engine up and running again.

I originally thought of drawing a person bathing in a giant mug of coffee: back leaned against the edge, arms spread on both sides, relaxing in there like it was a hot jacuzzi. It doesn’t quite get the rainy day feel though.

You can get A Warm Mug post cards for free! Just order any item from Hey Kessy this month, and they’ll put one in your package.


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