Bike Today – Tour of the Fireflies 2009

The Tour of the Fireflies is an annual bicycling event in the Philippines organized by the Firefly Brigade – an environmental NGO that promotes clean air and the bicycle as an alternative and sustainable mode of transportation. It’s one of the biggest local bike events, and you could say this event brings together the most people on bikes you will ever see in Manila with estimates of at least 10,000 riders in 2012.

Aside from the logo, the illustration was applied to posters, postcards, stickers, shirts, as well as bike jerseys, which were the main memorabilia of the event. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed doing this project as much as being part of the thousands of bikers who rode around the city that day.

The bike jersey – before the sponsors logos were put in.

The event was always intended to be a fun and leisurely ride, one that kids as young as five or as old as 80 would join, so it was important that the the event logo and the promotional materials convey this laid back and enjoyable feel. There’s even a contest for the best costume, and some people decorate not only themselves but their bicycles as well!

This project goes back to a time when I was renewing my interest in illustration after doing mostly design projects for a while.  It was also when I was beginning to use Adobe Illustrator more and more.


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