The Little Looter

The Little Looter, stealer of washi tapes, was Hey Kessy‘s postcard for February.

For that month, I wanted to make up a character that caused people’s washi tapes to go missing. Actually, this was the second illustration I made for the postcard. The first was about washi monsters that gobbled up washi tapes by the handful like they were cookies. (The inspiration for that was no other than Cookie Monster himself!)

However, something about the finished artwork was just a bit off and I spent a good hour or so staring at it, making minor changes, moving things around to see if I could make it better. Maybe there was too much going on since it had three monsters together and an avalanche of washi tapes all round them, or maybe I didn’t quite like the colors I used, but I just didn’t feel comfortable with it at that time.

In the end, I just decided to come up with something else, and I was very satisfied even from just making the sketches knowing that this one was going to be a lot better.

You can read about the Little Looters on the Hey Kessy blog. Also, here’s a previous post about the Hey Kessy postcard of the month.


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