Halloween Time is Family Time

I was really looking forward to October months before it came because I knew I was going to make an illustration that had something to do with monsters or ghosts, which I always have a lot of fun doing.

The original sketch was of a colorful mummy wrapped in washi tape instead of the usual aged bandages. But a few days before the end of September, probably just because of thinking about getting started on it, other ideas came to mind.

Watch out for E.T.!

I guess for some people that usually happens when there’s a problem of sorts. You already have an idea of how to tackle it, but naturally you consider other possibilities as well. Those little what if moments.

Rather than show another made up character like in the previous postcards, I thought I’d make something a bit different this time and do a little scenery.

Since it was halloween month, it had to be nighttime. Full moon, a couple of tombstones, the typical dark castle on the edge of a cliff, and finally the tenants of the estate: a family of vampires flying off from their home to go trick-or-treating in the nearby village. It’s a family affair even for the damned!

You can get this postcard for free for every purchase you make from the Hey Kessy website for whole month of October!


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