For the Books

If there’s one thing I easily spend money on, it’s books. Mostly design or art books, and some magazines every now and then. At times I’d find myself buying some even if I know I wouldn’t be able to go through them right away. I’d say there are around 5-10 books and magazines lying around in my room that haven’t been opened or thoroughly read yet.

It actually makes me a bit guilty that they’re just sitting on the shelf or table, crammed in between other books, some still in their original packaging, untouched.

But I get to them eventually. And as much as I, or anyone else in to books for that matter, get excited opening a new acquisition, I imagine nobody is more overjoyed than the books themselves knowing that they’ve finally accomplished their reason for being: to be read.

“Books are Special” is Hey Kessy‘s postcard of the month for November, and you can get it for free with every purchase you make from their website:


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