Prolacta packaging design

Pro-lacta is a nutritional supplement targeted towards breastfeeding mothers. Its main ingredient is malunggay (Moringa oleifera), a common vegetable with small leaves that happens to be one of the most nutritious in the world, and is also well known to help the production of healthy breast milk in women.

The actual packaging for Prolacta

I was tasked by Pascual Laboratories to design the packaging for this product with those two images in mind: that of the breastfeeding mom and the malunggay plant.

Although it was basically just one design, there were two kinds of packaging to be made. The first was a small box that would fit 20 capsules, and the second was a bigger box that had five of those small boxes inside while also doubling as a counter display.

Detail of the design and illustration

The illustration was made in Adobe Illustrator and then used in Photoshop to design the actual boxes. A simple die-cut was used for the cover of the big box, which, when folded, becomes a functional and simple counter display.


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