Star Wars Postcard Set

I remember seeing this webcomic by cartoonist Brian Gordon where a kid had just finished watching the first three Star Wars films with his father.

That was awesome!” the kid said, obviously stoked, both fists in the air. “Are there any more Star Wars movies?

To which the father, after a frame of silence, says, “Nope.” Haha!

Jokes aside, I can tell how much I adore a movie or TV character by how much I want to make a likeness of them, and, as a kid, the cast of Star Wars has always been far above that list of things I wanted to draw.

As with the previous superhero and villain postcards I made, it was a delight working on these, trying out different sketches and poses for the 12 characters I chose. The first 12. There’s so much about Star Wars to draw, I might even consider doing Jarjar!

More to come soon, hopefully before the new film comes out.


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